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Top 5 Caffeinated Sodas

Top 5 Caffeinated Sodas

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We’re a species that thrives on caffeine to give us that energy kick that we crave! Here at Beverages Direct, we wanted to mention some of America’s favorite sodas that also deliver a power punch of caffeinated satisfaction. Coffee and “energy drinks” are not the only way to start the day, here are 5 sodas that you may wish to try, to spice up your busy lifestyle and keep the wheels turning!

Coca Cola – We’ll begin with easily the most recognizable soda around the globe – Coca Cola. While this cola is thought of more as an everyday beverage, this product comes with an infusion of caffeine and sugar, perfect when you need a little pick-me-up. Coke has never been marketed as an energy drink, but you’ll start to feel the impact of the caffeine ingredient within 15 minutes of taking your first sip! Mexican Coca Cola is made with Pure Cane Sugar, and tastes just like the original cola from many decades ago!

Sun Drop – “It’s like a giant pipeline of refreshment channeled directly to you!”. Sun Drop is the caffeinated citrus soda that has taken the nation by storm over the last 50+ years. Now, a sharp refreshing taste alone wouldn’t get a soda onto this list, but Charles Lazier’s (of Missouri) Sun Drop creation earns it’s place due to it’s strong hit of high caffeine. Struggle to get through those sleepy mid-afternoons? Sun Drop will boost you right back into the game!

Moxie Elixir – Created in 1884, Moxie soda is older than anyone alive in this world today. You’ve heard of it, of course you’ve heard of it, but did you know that a dictionary definition of the word “Moxie” is “Energy” (“He was full of moxie from the moment he got out of bed!”). We’ll level with you, the caffeine content in Moxie Elixir isn’t as high as sodas that are dedicated to energy drink marketing, but does that matter? It’s quite possibly America’s oldest soda, and it still provides a satisfying caffeine lift, so we have no question that it’s a very worthy contender for this post.


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Dr. Sprecher – At 93ml of caffeine per bottle, Dr. Sprecher is a caffeinated, spiced cherry soda with quite a weight to it! Sprecher Brewing Co. produce both gourmet soda and craft beers, and are the oldest of their kind in the Milwaukee area. If you live nearby, you can even book a tour of the brewery! Back on track, this is a soda with a strong caffeine element, that can be enjoyed with a lively cherry flavor.

Cheerwine – It might surprise you to hear that Cheerwine actually has more caffeine in it than a Classic Coca Cola! This soda, from North Carolina, has been enjoyed by many people since its creation in 1917, over a century ago! For anyone watching their sugar intake, the diet version of Cheerwine, maintains the flavor, as well the caffeine content, but with zero sugar, it can be enjoyed with zero calories – What is not to love about that?

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Water Joe - If you’re looking to get your caffeine rush from an alternative to cola, coffee, or anything else in this article, then Water Joe may be the best thing you’ve never heard of. Disqualified from this list, because technically it’s not a soda… but Water Joe is a caffeine-boosted water, for increased energy, with all the regular benefits of healthy hydration. The sports cap design is perfect for busy individuals that need to carry their source of power on the go.

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Take It Easy

As with anything in life, please enjoy caffeinated beverages in moderation, just like you would with coffee!

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    It’s a regional citrus soda made in Tenneseee. It had gone nationwide years back but I think that discontinued.

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