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Say Thank you, With Beverages Direct

We often promote our soda for your own enjoyment, or with your family. 
Today though, we want to mention soda samplers as a wonderful gift idea for when you want to say 'Thank You' to somebody else.

Why It Works

- You've made the effort to locate hard-to-find soda (even though that's easy, with Beverages Direct!) so it's very thoughtful. -

- It's not 'over-the-top'. -

- It's suitable for everyone, even people that are hard to buy for ( long as they enjoy soda!). -

- You're giving them a unique experience. -

- Chances are that they'll not be familiar with the brand(s), so it's exciting! -

- It's different, which again makes it thoughtful. -

Why We Recommend Soda Samplers For This...

We believe that samplers make great gifts because you're gifting a variety of different experiences and flavors - Kind of like a box of chocolates, but a bit more unique!

With a sampler, it's also more clear that this is a nice gift that you've planned, rather than potentially looking like you just picked up a 12-pk of soda from the supermarket. Here's a link, if you do wish to check out our Soda Samplers (...and you'll get free delivery within the US!). 

On the other hand, if you know that the giftee loves a particular soda, then this works brilliantly as well... or even just opt for a gift card and let them choose!

- "Thank you for looking after my cat while I was away!"

- "Thank you for helping me on that project!" 

- "Thank you for inviting us to your party!"

There are a million reasons to say thank you... and it feels good too!


Make Someone's Day

Say 'Thank You' With Beverages Direct!




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