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Our Clients Love Hosmer Mountain Soda - Have You Tried It Yet?

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Make some noise for Hosmer Mountain Soda!

From Northeastern Connecticut, AKA the Quiet Corner.

We've been receiving a lot of great feedback from our clients about this brand, so we wanted to spread the word!
Made With Spring Water  
A distinguishing factor about Hosmer Soda is that they use a naturally pure source of water, from a deep well. The water is crystal clear, high in naturally occurring calcium and minerals, sodium-free, and without any chlorination processing. 
Glass Bottles Only 
Hosmer has a firm stance on 'glass-only' for their sodas, and they sterilize a staggering 500,000 bottles per year. This is not only great for the environment, but it also ensures that your Hosmer Soda orders come in fresh, and stay fresh, every time. 
"These old-fashioned favorites all partner with ice cream in heavenly ways!" - Words direct from Hosmer!
Thank you for all of the great reviews and feedback!
As you can see, it helps us know what sodas you love the most, and we steer our ship accordingly!
You Rock!


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