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Did you know that April is "Keep America Beautiful" month?

Did you know that April is
"Keep America Beautiful" month?
  We sell soda... so you may be wondering where we're going with this!
There's a large emphasis on planting trees at this time, and we LOVE that... but that doesn't really have much in common with a company called "Beverages Direct".
Instead, we think we have a good position to use this as an opportunity to promote recycling and street cleanups against litter!
North Platte River - Over 700 miles long, with many curves, this American treasure runs through Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska. 
You've likely already seen that the majority of our sodas come in glass bottles. Not only is this THE best option for flavor and optimizing levels of fizz from a soda, it's also 100% recyclable.
A cool thing about glass is that it can be recycled endlessly, meaning that it doesn't degrade in quality or purity each time it gets recycled.
Then there's littering - We all hate to see it, right? 
Especially so for us when the litter is a soda container (booo!)
Making a difference here can be as simple as a quick walk around the neighborhood with a bag for any litter that we may come across. 

We're grateful to live in such a beautiful country
...and we're happy to offer you the best American Sodas, in recyclable bottles and packaging :-)


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