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It's Trivia Time! 10 Multiple Choice Questions... Just for fun!

It's Trivia Time!

10 Questions - Multiple Choice!


The answers are at the bottom :-) 

1. Which soda brand is known for its distinctive red and white logo?
a) Big Ben's
b) Pennsylvania Dutch
c) Coca-Cola
d) Stewart's
2. What would you have called a soda fountain operator in the early days of drug store soda? 
a) Soda Pumper
b) Soda Jerk
c) Beverage Dispenser
d) Soda Fountain Expert
3. Which of these sodas would you need to create a Moscow Mule cocktail?
a) Root Beer
b) Lemonade
c) Ginger Beer
d) Ginger Ale
4. A celery-flavored soda that has been popular for over 150 years.
a) Cheerwine Soda
b) Dr. Sprecher
c) Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray
d) Flying Cauldron 
5. Which of these soda brands has the slogan "Bottled in the land of swift moving waters" and has a strong connection to the Willimantic River in Connecticut?
a) Hosmer Mountain Soda
b) Boylan Bottleworks
c) Chicago Draft Style
d) Iron Horse
6. Which of these statements describes the creation of Water Joe caffeinated water?
a) A German scientist, Hans Weber, discovered a water and caffeine bond by accident when developing a hydrogen combustion engine. 
b) Caffeinated water is a natural product found only in a 26-mile stretch of the Kootenay River in British Columbia, Canada. 
c) A collaboration of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Dr. Brown's led to 12 years of research, which resulted in the launch of Water Joe in 1972.
d) It was created by a college student who didn't like the taste of coffee or cola, but wanted something to keep him alert so that he could study. 
7. Which of these soda brands is the oldest? 
a) Moxie
b) Foxon Park
c) Jones
d) Bleinheim Ginger Ale
8. Where does the term "pop" come from in "soda pop"?
a) Because the original cork bottles would make a popping noise when opened (like a champagne bottle). 
b) Because marketing teams used it as a way to promote the burst of flavor from the soda. 
c) Because "pop" stands for "popular", and it refers to popular soda beverages. 
d) Because it refers to how friends would socialize and "pop out" for a drink together.  
9. What is the correct statement for the chemical compound that makes soda fizzy?
a) H20 is added to soda syrup.
b) Sodium benzoate reacts with water to make bubbles. 
c) CO2 is dissolved in water to form carbonated water. 
d) Sugar reacts with flavoring to form a fizzy gas. 
10. What is our best-selling soda sampler?
a) Ultimate Grape Soda Sampler
b) Variety Party Pack
c) Ultimate Ginger Beer Soda Sampler
d) Ultimate Root Beer Sampler

How Did You Do? 

Find out below... and reward yourself with an ice-cold soda!



1. C - Coca-Cola
2. B - Soda Jerk (because of the jerking action of a large lever). 
3. C - Ginger Beer
4. C - Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray
5. A - Hosmer Mountain Soda
6. D - It was indeed a college student that came up with Water Joe! A, B, and C are completely made up!
7. A - Moxie. In around 1876 "Moxie Nerve Food" was a patented medicine. By 1884, Moxie was sold as soda fountain syrup, and in bottles as ready-to-drink soda. 
8. A - The cork bottle "pop"!
9. C - CO2 (carbon dioxide) is the magical ingredient that creates the fizz in soda. 
10. All of our soda samplers are very popular and a great way to experience a variety of sodas, but the answer is D, our Ultimate Root Beer Sampler! Have you tried it? 



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