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Since 1998 Beverages Direct has been delivering unique and hard to find beverages right to your door. We constantly source beverages from from all across the country trying to accommodate every drink lover. Enjoy a craft root beer or select from our numerous beverage samplers.

We have seen many brands and flavors come and go over the years. Each beverage develops its own followers over time who go that extra mile to keep drinking their faves even if they can no longer purchase them in their area. These are the people who have become our fans over the years.

We welcome you to our community of beverage fans and encourage you to be social.  “Like” a product page, become a Facebook fan or more importantly, submit your product review.  Let everyone know what they have been missing by not trying your favorite drink.


What People Are Saying About Us
Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

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Childhood drink

As good as it was growing up. Great product, will order more (lots).

Olde Brooklyn is the best!

Great tasting cream soda.


Mexican 7 UP - 12 OZ (12 Glass Bottles)


I can not get this product in Virginia Beach like we can in Cleveland, OH. Love it!! Just as we remembered. Start selling locally.

Great drink. Great service.

I’ve been drinking Stewart’s for years but I recently moved to George and I can’t find it here. I was able to mail order it and they also had the Key Lime drink that was scarce even up north. This is s great drink and a great mail order company. Thanks.


Iron Horse Root Beer - 12 oz (12 Pack)


Clearly Canadian Sparkling Sampler - 11 oz (12 Glass Bottles)

So Nostalgic!!!

I love it! Same great taste from so long ago!


NuGrape Soda - 12 oz (12 Glass Bottles)

What’s not to like?

Taste that has not changed in the last many, many years. One of my favorites as a kid.

Bubbly yumminess!!!

Purchased this on buddies recommendation. They were right. Tasty stuff indeed!!! The bottle is sexxi aswell which is a plus. BevsDirect packed them really nice. Kudos to them. Will def be back again.


Long delivery time but I did get it

We are sorry about the delayed shipping but we were experiencing below freezing temperatures in our area. We have always tried to make certain in the winter months our customers receive sodas and not slushies.

Clearly Canadian Sparkling Sampler - 11 oz (12 Glass Bottles)

Reminds me of my Childhood

I love it! It reminds me of drinking this as a child.

Great Cream Soda

Great taste!

Awesome product

It’s like you mixed root beer with some cream soda.

Very Happy Customer

I used to carry Barritt's Ginger Beer back from Bermuda every time I visited. On my last visit I just did not feel like carrying it, felt bad because my family loves it. My co-worker suggested I give BD a try, she used them for her wedding. Ordered the 24 case and from placing the order to delivery everything was perfect. My order arrived in a very timely manner, I was actually very surprised. This was my first time using Beverages Direct, but definitely not my last.

What’s not to like?

Same taste I remember as a kid. Can’t ask for better....


Just like I remember, shipping was fast and the bottles were perfect!

5 stars

I received the order a lot quicker then I thought. Price was reasonable too! I will order again .

Brings me back to my childhood

Brings me back to my childhood

Customers Most Requested

This is the most requested soda we have ever been asked to offer. It's unique and nostalgic. It is purchased in multiples every time. People just can't stop talking about it!

Masons Rootbeer

Best rootbeer ever!
Enjoyed it as a kid and happy it has returned.

One of the best root beers

So good. Perfect balance.


Had Weinhard's root beer for the first time on a trip last fall that took us into Wyoming. There was a very small town as we crossed over the border into Wyoming, and it had an old fashioned general store. Needless to say, it had Weinhard's root beer which offered a silky smooth after taste. There is no carbonated after effect causing a belch, which is common with all the root beer I ever tasted. It noticed the natural ingredients it was made of, but it must be the honey that gives the root beer such a smooth and satisfying taste! Big thumbs up.


Wish they would expand their sales market...we’re thirsty down here!

Best ever

All time favorite drink from childhood

Good rootbeer

After drinking two right next to each other I thought my heart was going to jump out of its' cage.

Clearly Canadian

I have been waiting for years for this to come back and it did not disappoint. There is no water on the market that tatses like this and i live in ct so its not available locally


I love Vernors. Grew up on it. So happy to have a source for it now in the northeast.


Great drink - exactly as I remember it from the 90s. Expertly shipped and arrived quickly too. I'll definitely be ordering more.

Best Peach soda in the world

Nehi is One of those brands that bring back Memories from my days of being a kid on my grandfathers farm enjoying the delightful flavor and anticipation of collecting a nickel for returning the bottle , the flavor has not changed and if you have had a Nehi before this is a great one to try!

Please bring it back to Detroit metro area. Use to buy at Sam’s Club years ago.

Very good


BAWLS Guarana Energy Drink - 10 oz (6 Glass Bottles)

Clearly Canadian Sparkling Sampler

The water taste just as I remember it back in the 80’s. The sampler comes with 3 each of the Raspberry, Cherry, BlackBerry and Strawberry. Very tasty! The glass bottles are packaged very securely and arrived in tact.

Clearly Canadian 2.0

A little more tart than the original batch but I like tart. When is the Strawberry coming out? Green Apple wouldn't be bad either. This is a great deal on this product compared to elsewhere on the internet. I hope it doesn't go on hiatus again. Please bring back the big bottles too. Beverage Direct is The Truth!


I just love it. Can't get locally but Beverage Direct is my life line


The soda was good! Tasted slightly different from the original!

Afri Cola

Being from Germany and having purchased Afri Cola while living there I am delighted to be able to now purchase it here in the USA. I absolutely love Afri Cola.

Golde Ale

The product is excellent! The shipping and handling cost was higher than anticipated. However the merchandise was worth the cost.


Dr Pepper Soda - 12 oz (12 Glass Bottles)

Clearly the right choice

I ordered this as a treat for myself. In my late teens I thought this was amazing. Now again, it's back. Problem is, I let my kids taste it. Now I have to hide it! Would have loved to have gotten some Loganberry, but the flavors I have are wonderful!

A favorite from the 80s

Great to able to get this product again.

These people know how to do it

I have ordered sodas from others and had issues with breakage. The bottles from Beverages Direct were packed in materials clearly made for the job - and they did that job well. All 12 bottles arrived in great shape. I will order from this company again