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Since 1997 Beverages Direct has been delivering unique and hard to find beverages right to your door. We constantly source beverages from from all across the country trying to accommodate every drink lover. Enjoy a craft root beer or select from our numerous beverage samplers.

We have seen many brands and flavors come and go over the years. Each beverage develops its own followers over time who go that extra mile to keep drinking their faves even if they can no longer purchase them in their area. These are the people who have become our fans over the years.

We welcome you to our community of beverage fans and encourage you to be social.  “Like” a product page, become a Facebook fan or more importantly, submit your product review.  Let everyone know what they have been missing by not trying your favorite drink.


What People Are Saying About Us
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Stewart's Black Cherry Soda

Soooo good! Try a Black Cherry Float with French Vanilla Ice Cream. Yummy!!


Vernors Ginger Ale Soda - 12 oz. (12 Cans)


I adore Water Joe. Have for ages. 5 stars. But the bottles are flimsy horrors.


Water Joe Caffeinated Water - 20 oz (12 Pack)

Best Yet

Best root beer I have ever tasted (yet)....

Great flavor!

Just like I remember, so smooth, leaves a great after taste.


Mexican Coke Coca Cola - 12 OZ (6 Glass Bottles)


Best sarsaparilla I have ever had


Canfield's 50/50 Soda - 12 oz (6 Cans)


Boylan Grape Soda - 12 oz. (12 Glass Bottles)

Not a fan of Ginger Beer, BUT a big fan of Barritts

I don't care for the taste of ginger by itself, and most ginger beers have a very strong ginger bite. But this is smooth and refreshing and a perfect mixer for adult beverages. By far my favorite of the 10+ ginger beers I've tried.

Great drink

Love the diet moxie


Moxie Original Elixir Soda - 12 oz (6 Glass Bottles)

Great Soda

Like the variety.

The absolute greatest root beer ever made!

I first had Henry weinhard root beer around the corner from the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole Wyoming whilst playing there in a band circa "03". I am enjoying my first one since tonight after three six packs. The satisfaction is indescribable!


Stewart's Grape Soda - 12 oz. (6 Glass Bottles)


Boylan Bottleworks Orange Soda - 12 oz (12 Glass Bottles)


Triple XXX Root Beer - 12 oz (12 Glass Bottles)

Real Dr. Pepper

So happy to have real Dr. Pepper!

Dr Pepper bottled finally found!

Great product, service! Cannot find bottled Dr. Pepper anywhere - tastes so much better then canned! Love it!


Stewart's Cherries N Cream Soda - 12 oz (12 Glass Bottles)

Love this soda

This is my favorite soda out there! I don't drink soda often anymore but on occasion, I get myself a couple packs of this. Probably the best orange soda I've had and I plan to buy more in the future


Red Rock Golden Ginger Ale - 10 oz (24 Glass Bottles)

Be a Pepper, Too

The product was extremely well packaged. I like to drink soda with real sugar, and it gave the Dr. Pepper an elevated flavor. The bottles are very nostalgic looking. I look forward to buying some more.

Last one?

It now says sold out. I hope this is just a temporary condition.

Waxing Nostalgic

This is just how I remember Dr. Pepper tasting when I was a child. You can't beat soda made with real sugar especially when it's in a bottle.


Mixed with Chi Chis Long Island Ice tea is great or even by its self.

Dr Browns soda

Dr. Browns soda is fantastic if you can find at a reasonable price which beverage direct supplied me. Love myself a good head cracking cold Dr. Browns black cherry or ginger ale on a hot afternoon or evening after working an 8 to 10 work shift outdoors with a nice big authentic deli sandwich and a bag a chips. Beverage direct was perfect for this product. Thank you so very much.


Stewart's Key Lime - 12 oz (12 Glass Bottles)


Taste between a cola an a rootbeer

Like I remember, just needs a frosty mug and a hotdog

I missed having this root beer with real sugar. It's the best, bringing back lots of memories for my friends and me.

Best Root Beer

Great taste, perfect for root beer floats. Creamy. You will not find a root beer like this anywhere else.


Crush Soda Variety - 12 oz (6 Pack)

Great product!

The water is perfect with the caffeine kick I need to get my day started!

Cancer Patients Love This!

My cancer patients absolutely love the Ginger Ale. They say that the drink, taken in small sips or diluted with water, helps to settle their stomachs. A word to the unwise: this drink is NOT what you usually expect (e.g. Canada Dry) from a ginger ale!


Best grape soda I've ever had! Shame it's so hard to find.

I love Boylans Creamy Red Birch Beer


Cheerwine makes me CHEER!

Fantastic way to purchase our favorite in soda in Texas.

The Best!!

I finally figured out my son was a Root Beer conisuier. At 34 this is still his favorite one!!


Stewart's Orange 'n Cream - 12 oz. (12 Glass Bottles)


Henry Weinhards Vanilla Cream - 12oz (6 Glass Bottles)

Orgasmic comeback

I loved how I was hydrated as well as energized, this is a wonderful product!

Vernors delivery to my daughter in law in LA

My daughter in law is from LA and after living in MI for some time, moved back and missed her Vernors. She was thrilled with her delivery from Beverages Direct. We will definitely reorder!! Thanks so much!!

Stewart's Key Lime

Best soda in the history of sodas


Cool Mountain Root Beer - 12 oz (12 Pack)


Dog N Suds Root Beer - 12 oz. (12 Pack)