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Since 1997 Beverages Direct has been delivering unique and hard to find beverages right to your door. We constantly source beverages from from all across the country trying to accommodate every drink lover. Enjoy a craft root beer or select from our numerous beverage samplers.

We have seen many brands and flavors come and go over the years. Each beverage develops its own followers over time who go that extra mile to keep drinking their faves even if they can no longer purchase them in their area. These are the people who have become our fans over the years.

We welcome you to our community of beverage fans and encourage you to be social.  “Like” a product page, become a Facebook fan or more importantly, submit your product review.  Let everyone know what they have been missing by not trying your favorite drink.


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Barritts Bermuda Ginger Beer - 12 oz. (12 Cans)


Nieces and nephews loved it!

Cool mountain strawberry soda

Tastes alright. Supposedly top of the line, tasted less strawberry than others I've tried. Powerful essence of. Vanilla esp in aftertaste which I found not to my liking in a Strawberry soda ( versus in a strawberry milk shake). Tastes a bit like a strawberry milkshake in soda form / not what I was looking for

Missed It Love It!!!

Missed It Love It!!!

Beverages Direct to the Rescue

No one, grocery, liquor stores etc, in Evansville carried Vernors in glass bottles, other than Fresh Market. FM made a decision not to carry any longer, only reason they would provide. This is, in my opinion, a one of a kind taste. Cost was a slightly more but well worth it. Thanks


Ultimate Cherry Soda Sampler - 12 oz (12 Pack)

Henry Weinhard's Black Cherry Cream

Best of the best. Smooth and makes great floats

Great stuff

I really enjoy this drink. I think it is made better. Very refreshing.

We LOVE Henry Weinhard's root beer

We used to buy it locally in Texas, but had not found it anywhere since we moved east to Long Island. Offers on Amazon were too expensive so we had just let it go. But I recently decided to look again and found Beverage Direct. We bought enough for free shipping and - voila - we were sipping on our Henry Weinhard's. Life is good. :)


Spicy and good. I was looking for ginger beer but this was similar to what I was looking for

Vernors ginger ale tastes great!!!

My husband and I absolutely love Vernors and will be buying many more cartons. We can't get enough of it!
Thanks so much for making Vernors available ---
Vernors super fans

Good as the old stuff ~~~ :)

See above ~~

The Best Ginger ale

My favorite ginger ale! It has a golden bite ...

Rhu-berry Awesome

Great flavor - nice strawberry background with a clear natural tartness from rhubarb. Best Strawberry- Rhubarb I've tried


I took my chances and ordered WaterJoe Caffeinated water after reading the positive reviews on the Internet. It is everything it claims to be. I was mostly worried about taste. And it tastes great.


Canfield's Diet Chocolate Fudge Soda - 12 oz (12 Cans)

Caruso' maraschino cherry cola

Best cherry cola I've ever had including fountain prepared. Definitely worth a try but addicting

Great Service

Ordered product, it shipped the next day and arrived when promised....

IMO, the BEST Cherry Soda

Baumeister's Cherry Soda is my fav cherry soda of all I've had. I wasn't really a cherry soda drinker until I had Baumeister's thru Beverages Direct. I'm not sure how their other flavors are but I think I'm going to try them with my next order.

Really great taste!

Crushing it with crush

Absolutely the best tasting crush I have ever had in my life, especially the grape!


This stuff is delicious! Great it.

Cream soda

Very good.better than i expected

Best ginger beer out there!!!

Love, Love, Love!!!!


Buderim Ginger Aussie Style HOT Ginger Brew - 12 oz (6 Pack)

Returning to my youth

It as good as it was 50years ago

The Grapes of Taste

Behold The Past Is Present. I haven't had a NuGrape soda in over fifty years. However when I had that first taste, all my boyhood came back to me..

Love the diet ginger beer

It is hard to find but love it and the fact that you don't get all the caleries

That Southern Taste

Cheerwine, to me, has a taste between cherry cola and Dr. Pepper. I believe it is meant to be more on the Cherry side but, whatever the case, it takes me "home" to my southern heritage. Give it a try. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


It is some of the best tasting A&W I've ever had, it tastes just like it does when you get it in the frosted mug at A&W!


Dr Pepper Soda - 12 oz (12 Glass Bottles)


No chemical aftertaste. Just like coals use to taste in the good old days. Just wish you could keep it in stock.

Barritts ginger beer

I am from Bermuda and I like it with Black Rum and Lime

Delicious and really old fashioned!

This has a great honey taste to it which makes it a throwback to older root beers you might find in Colonial Williamsburg. Delicious and sweet, but not too sharp. Keeps the head super long, this one's a winner all around.

Excellent taste

Verner's Diet Ginger Ale has great flavor for a diet drink. Refreshing & good!

The authentic taste of a Jewish Deli ... Pastrami and Cel-ray!

There's only one thing to drink with a Pastrami on rye and that's a cold Dr. Brown's cel-ray tonic. While I miss the heavy green bottles, the recipe is the same and floods my memory with taste sensations from my Brooklyn childhood.

Red Rock is the best of all cola drinks

Big fan of Red Rock cola but hard to find where I live. Was well pleased with service and will use it again in the near future.


3 Month Root Beer Club


If I bought it here in florida Id pay $9 for 4 glass bottles. So i order from BD and get it by the case for an excellent price. It is my favorite beverage. Expensive but well worth the$.


Henry Weinhard's Root Beer - 12 oz (12 Glass Bottles)


Caruso's Maraschino Cherry Cola - 12 oz (12 Pack)

5 star

Cock N Bull DIET Ginger Beer - 12 oz (12 Glass Bottles)


I have tried all of the creme sodas here and this one is my favorite. Just excellent flavor.

5 star

Green River Soda - 12 oz (12 Glass Bottles)

great grape

great grape - recommend it to all !

Strawberry owater


5 star

Stewart's Diet Orange N Cream - 12 oz. (6 Glass Bottles)

All time best!

My all-time favorite Ginger Ale!!! Brings back childhood memories of growing up in Michigan!

Best soda on the market

I,be looked for Stewart's sodas , most stores only carry. Root beer so I looked on line for my soda. Great service. .

5 star

Green River Soda - 12 oz (12 Glass Bottles)