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Beverages Direct delivers unique and hard to find beverages right to your door. We constantly source beverages from from all across the country trying to accommodate every drink lover. Enjoy a craft root beer or select from our numerous beverage samplers.

We have seen many brands and flavors come and go over the years. Each beverage develops its own followers over time who go that extra mile to keep drinking their faves even if they can no longer purchase them in their area. These are the people who have become our fans over the years.

We welcome you to our community of beverage fans and encourage you to be social.  “Like” a product page, become a Facebook fan or more importantly, submit your product review.  Let everyone know what they have been missing by not trying your favorite drink.


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Ultimate CREAM Soda Sampler - 12 oz (12 Bottles)

Grape Nehi! The real stuff my childhood was made of!

The Grape Nehi from Beverages Direct is exactly as I remember, the perfect grape soda! You have a customer for life in me!

Best Root beer I ever had

If you like root beer l
You will l love it my home town face was Dog and Suds .
You would buy it by the gallon with a refillable glass jug.

Great selection

I love the selection, thanks Beverages Direct.

Moxie shipment

The 12 cans arrived in impeccable condition inside a fitted, foam-like case that is similar to the way wine is shipped. For a beloved soft drink unavailable in your area, this is a good way to go.

Proper British Ginger Beer Taste

Proper British Ginger Beer Taste, not that disgusting Canadian ginger ale stuff.
Please, one request, I cant drink sugary drinks anymore so I have to drink diet, but the diet tastes 100x too sweet. My mouth still tastes like I ate 6 table spoons of sugar an hour later. I have to wash my mouth out with water 10 times to get rid of the sweet taste. It cant be healthy either.

Dog n Suds diet root beer

I live in Florida, tasted this root beer on vacation, and had to order some once I arrived home. It is delicious doesn't have the "diet" taste. Also, great taste drinking ice cold root beer out of the bottle.

Dr. Brown's Diet Black Cherry Soda - 12 oz (12 Cans)

Good stuff, but where is their awesome Grape soda?

Killer flavor

Sprecher Ginger Beer - 12 oz (12 Glass Bottles)

State drink

May it be like uesquebach.
Water of life.
Here forever at
Maineonmain Clinton

essential !

water joe is on the “never out “ list in our home , i have never been a coffee drinker and tea does not agree with me - but i love the caffeine boost of water joe

Best water ever

I wish they sold it in stores in Fl¡

Mexican Coke Coca Cola - 12 OZ

Awesome product and very prompt delivery & service gives this a 5 star rating!!

The Best That's Left

I drink one cola every night with my meds. I can't have caffeine and I won't use high fructose corn syrup. There used to be (3 months ago) several less expensive alternatives. Now this is the only one I can find. It does taste like Coke but it's obscenely expensive. I'll probably cave in at some point and just get the Caffeine Free Coke but for now, at least I know I'm drinking healthy.

Best Tasting Root Beer Out There

I was buying this in my local grocery store and loved it. Although it is expensive it is a great treat and to me worth the money. Unfortunately, the store stopped carrying it and started carrying lesser products which taste disgusting. I guess I will just have to order it myself.

The Classic Lives On

Whenever I drink Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray tonic I am transported to my 10-year old self eating my first great corn beef sandwich at a deli with my Dad before we went to a Knicks - Pistons game at the old Garden in NYC. Since I now limit my sugar intake drinking an ice cold Cel-Ray is even more precious and appreciated.

Triple XXX Root Beer - 12 oz (12 Glass Bottles)

The best Pepsi

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the one you want.

REALIFE Caffeinated Spring Water 70mg - 16.9 oz (Plastic Bottles)
Ellen Muench
Real life. Caffeine

Great spring water taste!

Great Sampler

My son just tried root beer a few months ago for the first time and loves it. I spoke about brands that I got as a kid and found this sampler pack. Had a great mix of locals (to us) and some I never heard of. We had fun trying the different brands and now have a list of favorites to get in whole 12 pks.


I was so happy to find this product in the bottles. It’s what I remember as a young girl when we would go to Detroit Michigan to visit my Noni Takes me back every time I drink one. Makes me smile. Thank you.

Kutztown just like Beverages Direct 20/10

Rich wonderful birtch beer best I've ever had

At last!

I have been searching for a very cherry pop that was comparable to The Cherry Smash I used to drink as a kid. This is definitely it for me and there is another as well from this site that is next best. Love it!