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Beverages Direct delivers unique and hard to find beverages right to your door. We constantly source beverages from from all across the country trying to accommodate every drink lover. Enjoy a craft root beer or select from our numerous beverage samplers.

We have seen many brands and flavors come and go over the years. Each beverage develops its own followers over time who go that extra mile to keep drinking their faves even if they can no longer purchase them in their area. These are the people who have become our fans over the years.

We welcome you to our community of beverage fans and encourage you to be social.  “Like” a product page, become a Facebook fan or more importantly, submit your product review.  Let everyone know what they have been missing by not trying your favorite drink.


What People Are Saying About Us
Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

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Best balanced root beer.

Tested 12 competitors from a 2 week personal taste at my home. To day I experienced a bottle of Fox at a Dayton Beach, Florida hot dog shop.
Great and went well with a chili dog.
Will check out local wholesaler. Thanks Fox.
Barney Grier

Its always good drinks

I just wish you have Grape frostie and Rootbeer frostie

Barritt's Diet Ginger Beer = AWESOME :)

I Love, love, love this diet Ginger Beer. It's flavor is not like any other Ginger Beer, especially diet. It is crisp, refreshing, clean! Can't say enough good things about it. Only bad thing is I have a really hard time finding it :~(

Exactly what I was hoping for!

I got this subscription for my husband for Christmas and I am so happy I did. The sodas are amazing and fun. He is a huge soda lover and has been in heaven. They taste amazing and each box has a great variety. It's absolutely perfect!


Best energy drink out there

It's a definitely different taste from normal root beers. Can't beat the energy it provides.

great flavor

I like to have 3-4 different root beers available and this is now one of them. At first I wasnt so sure has a bit of a tangy aftertaste. The taste is more complexe and now I look forward to reordering it.

Cool Mountain Strawberry Soda - 12 oz (12 Glass Bottles)

Awesome Diet Gift

I'm type2 diabetic, this was a great gift for me! The assortment was great! The Dang was very good, but the Boyland Root Beer was the best diet soda I've ever had!

Need something ic people can drink

Happy Birthday

I purchased this sampler along with another for my sisters birthday..She enjoys Root Beer and the floats she can make with far she has been completely satisfied with the order.

Ultimate Diet Soda Sampler

Yum, I found some new favorites in this sampler pack! Diet Dang, always delicious! But the Boyland Diet Black Cherry and Boyland Diet Soda were brands I just discovered! Packaging was perfect, shipping got here in pristine condition! Loved it!

Great Root Beer

Gave this to my elder sister who loves root beer for her 84th Birthday and she really loved the selection.I would also like to Thank the folks at Beverages Direct for helping with the shipping company that didn't meet their estimated delivery date or time...Thanks to all the folks that really cared....

Foxon Park White Birch Beer - 12 oz (12 Glass Bottles)

Big Ben's Lime Soda

A fizzy lime treat. Similar to Green River but the flavor is slightly less intense and a little more limey. If you love true lime sodas, you won't be disappointed.

Kutztown Soda - FANTASTIC

I’m hooked, what a superb soda! Fast delivery as well….

I have been drinking the root beer for quite a while now. It is the best root beer soda I have ever tasted in my life. I'm 74 years old and I have tried a lot of root beer soda and NO ONE COMES CLOSE TO THIS ! Also, I had fun about a year ago with your bottle cap contest and I won one of your T-Shirts. I'm trying to do it again but, I can't seem to get the 'f'.
I buy a lot of the root beer from Kingsoopers but, I can't get the 'f' . Is there an 'f' in circulation ? Anyway, keep making this WONDERFUL root beer. I think I have an addiction to it. (:-))
I go through about 8 bottles per week. From: your number one customer Frankie.....


Great service, and great root beer diversity! Loving it so far!

Water Joe is my BFF

Every month i thank Beverages Direct for delivering Water Joe to this ( loves caffeine/hates coffee ) household !

Great Every Month Root Beer

I purchased this subscription for my teenage son, who loves Root Beer. He loves to try and find brands that he hasn't tried before, so this gift was perfect. He gets 6 bottles each of 2 different Root Beers every month, and the majority of the time it is one he hasn't tried before. I've kept the subscription for over a year and very few duplicates. Never knew there were so many different brands of Root Beer!


This is my relaxation after work drink. Rarely drink wine or alcohol anymore because I’d rather relax with a couple of Diet Cock & Bull Ginger Beers! LOVE 💕

Coolest thing ever

Okay I didn't know what to expect when I first bought it, but this is so cool, The sodas have this great nostalgic feeling and they are both delicious flavors.
Dang! Cherry and Red Rock Cola were my first two flavors and they taste really great and refreshing. Perfect thing for my work breaks.


I actually don’t care for soda drinks but Red Rock is the one exception. It is my favorite and only bottled or canned drink I will drink. It is hard to find so I grab it when I can.

Mason’s Rootbeer

My Aunt introduced us to Mason’s root-beer when we were very young and it was a favorite! She passed recently and the dinner after the memorial service is being catered with one exception. I’m bringing some Mason’s for a toast! Cheers Auntie Dear!!

Water Joe Caffeinated Water - 20 Ounces (12 Pack)