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New Adventures!


Hi there, from sunny Florida! That is right! We have moved our warehouse location from Chicago to the Orlando area in the beginning of this year. It has been a little bit of a bumpy process but we appreciate all of our wonderful customers and the support you continue to give. 
Along with new adventures we are also trying out NEW PRODUCTS
Towne Club sodas - a Michigan classic! Root Beer, Vanilla Cream, Orange, Michigan Cherry, Grape, Ginger Ale, Diet Root Beer, Diet Cream, and Diet Black Cherry. We got a little bit of everything to try, these are also 16 ounce bottles. 
Jones sodas - A 90's nostalgia soda that has fun labels from pictures sent in by their customers and pearls of wisdom under the bottle caps. I love this so much! We have the classic flavors everyone loves. Cream, Orange and Cream, and Root Beer.
We look forward to a great year and we wish you all the very same, thank you for taking this ride with us! 


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