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Higher Quantity MEGA PACKS are Here!

Bulk it up with MEGA PACKS! - The new way to stock up!


Across our full range:

We've just added 48, 72, and even 96 packs!

Ideal if the 12 & 24 packs just aren't enough for you, and they run out too quickly!

...and yes, it applies to soda samplers, as well as single types of soda!

Alongside simply wanting to keep your favorite sodas stocked high, these larger packs are ideal for birthday parties, barbecues, office events etc...

...even Christmas, if you're reading this at the time of publishing!


A common theme that we see in reviews is that the soda was delicious, but people wish they'd ordered more than 12 bottles... because they didn't last long enough!

We've just addressed that issue - With high quantity MEGA PACKS!

If you want great soda, and a lot of it, Beverages Direct is a convenient option, with a HUGE variety on offer. 









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