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At The Heart Of Our Values

So we sell craft soda... we're sure you get that :-) 

We'd like to dedicate today's content to highlight some of the values that we like to bring to everyday life at Beverages Direct.
"Soda tastes that will take you down memory lane!"
Our collection is full of craft sodas that have been around for way longer than any of us have been alive. We love hearing feedback from customers that find sodas that they haven't experienced for 20+ years!
"We’re the small guys who aim to bring you the very best in niche American soda experiences."
Many of the craft soda bottling companies that we offer are not huge organizations, and neither are we. We're not like a supermarket that orders mass-produced soda by the boatload, but rather, we scan across America for suppliers, with one aim - To bring you the best soda experiences that we can find!
"Our mission is to offer soda beverages that can be very difficult to find across the US - Your favorite soda brands that perhaps you’ve not seen in your local area, or on the store shelves in years."
This ties in with the point above! Some soda brands are so small, that you only really see their products in certain parts of the US. Our objective is to pick these up and offer them online, so that you can enjoy them, no matter where you're located in the US!
"We avoid the mainstream, and target specialized interests for both great variety, and your all-time favorites."
We're not here to sell sodas that you can find anywhere, because well, you can get them anywhere! We look for craft sodas that are not as commonly seen elsewhere. 
"Soda connoisseur? Ask about our Monthly Subscription Club!"
Being that our sodas are more specialist, we understand that it has a following, and we offer subscriptions and even monthly clubs for people who are really 'into it'!
"Carefully curated soda sampler packs for a fantastic way to sample what American soda has to offer!"
We came up with our soda samplers because we wanted to offer an easy way of experiencing as many unique sodas as possible. By mixing brands into 12-pks, clients can enjoy a variety of American craft sodas, without having to break the bank, or overload the pantry with soda bottles!
"We try to be fun, informative, and interesting!"
Our newsletters, we hope, appeal in a way that is engaging to our readers. As well as promoting our sodas, we also aim to produce content that our subscribers enjoy. As a group of people interested in a niche area, we like to think of our subscribers as a community of specialist soda fans. 
"Free shipping on orders over $49"
Glass soda bottles are heavy, and fragile. From a postage perspective, this is one of the hardest parts of running an online soda business. But, spend more than $49, and we'll cover the shipping costs for you. 

We LOVE Soda!


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