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Cool Mountain Gets Crafty With Some New Flavors

Cool Mountain Beverages is a craft soda maker based in the midwest.  For years they have been offering consumers a wide range of interesting flavors with pure can sugar.  Currently Cool Mountain markets - Green Apple, Strawberry, Black Cherry, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Orange Cream and Blue Razzberry. Recently they launched two new exciting flavors…California Peach and Royal Grape.

Bill Daker President states “We have spent the past 19 years researching historical recipes and flavor providers, developing the perfect blend for each of our products. Full bodied and refreshing, Cool Mountain is carefully handcrafted, using only pure cane sugar and the finest naturally caffeine free ingredients, lightly carbonated, to exact the fullest flavor possible.  What makes California Peach special is that it evokes a “fun in the sun” feeling ….the perfect drink to have when you need to refresh a long day."  Bill also describes Royal Grape as a rich and sophisticated soda, with a fresh from the vineyard taste that is sure to satisfy the deepest thirst. Cool Mountain Sodas are produced in small batches to maintain quality in every sip. Shop the Collection of Cool Mountain Sodas.

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  • two thumbs up to beverages direct for stocking cool mountain sodas……nearly the entire line! How about adding ROYAL GRAPE , which would complete the line-up. I have a penchant for grape sodas and I’m curious as to what it tastes like; would include a 6 pack with another order to find out!

    michael golden on

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