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Moxie Elixir Soda - The Original Energy Drink?

Dr. Augustin Thompson was the original founder of what is now Moxie Elixir Soda.  In 1885, the company Moxie Nerve Food was patented and created to sell products containing the then secret ingredient - which is now known as gentian root.  While the past is no different than today many fantastic claims surrounded this "secret" ingredient to provide all sorts of vitality.  In many ways this product was promoted like modern day energy drinks and maybe the original energy drink.

Moxie was the first bottled carbonated beverage made in America. While they tried to sell the products in various markets around the country the product took hold in the northeast.  By the 19020's though through various marketing efforts Moxie was outselling Coca Cola on a nation level.  However, like all brands it is hard to maintain momentum forever.  The brand experienced high and lows throughout the years until it was reinvigorated in the 1970's thanks to MAD magazine.  By the mid 1980's the product had almost closed it doors until Lisbon Falls, ME started an annual "Moxie Festival."  In 2005 Moxie becomes the official state soft drink (who knew).  The brand has exchanged many hands over the years and is now owned by Cornucopia Beverages.

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