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Cool Mountain Gets Crafty With Some New Flavors

Cool Mountain Beverages is a craft soda maker based in the midwest.  For years they have been offering consumers a wide range of interesting flavors with pure can sugar.  Currently Cool Mountain markets - Green Apple, Strawberry, Black Cherry, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Orange Cream and Blue Razzberry. Recently they launched two new exciting flavors…California Peach and Royal Grape.

Bill Daker President states “We have spent the past 19 years researching historical recipes and flavor providers, developing the perfect blend for each...

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What is the Difference Between Ginger Ale and Ginger Beer?

There are two amazing types of ginger sodas in this world, ginger ale and ginger beer. While at first glance they may seem the same beverage, ginger flavored soft drinks, they are actually two distinct beverages each with a unique heritage that have resulted in similar but different ancillary uses.

Ginger ale actually comes in two types, golden ginger ale, which is very uncommon, and dry ginger ale, like Vernor’s Ginger Soda or Canada Dry, which is what most people think of and expect when they want a ginger...

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Why Does John Like Beverages Direct?

Since 1997 Beverages Direct has specialized in selling unique and hard-to-find beverages. We know when it comes to buying beverages there are now many online options. However, over the years our customers have appreciated our services and our large selection of beverages. Watch John list some of the top reasons why he is a customer and why he continually chooses Beverages Direct when ordering beverages online. Oh yeah, and our logo was red for years.



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Have You Left A Beverage Review?

You must like beverages otherwise you would not be here.  And you have to have an opinion otherwise you wouldn't be...human.  Our beverage collections offer so many different brands and taste variations (even in the same category) that your review could help someone find their next all-time favorite drink.  Take Michael for example in the review below.  He loves Grape sodas and tries a few different brands with each order.  He also enjoys sharing his reviews of each soda as well.   This one below is for

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A&W Root Beer on Food Network

Have you ever watched the show Unwrapped on Food Network?  Every so often they produce great clips on various beverages.  This show happened to feature a segment on A&W Root Beer.  In this video (fast-forward to 50 secs) you can hear about the history of A&W Root Beer, see some great footage of this foamy, frothy root beer being poured and crave a root beer float when finished watching.

Ready to order A&W Root Beer?  A&W Root Beer - 12oz (6 Pack)

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