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Stewart's Sodas Have Made the Switch

Back in August 2016 Dr Pepper announced that Stewart's Fountain Classic Sodas, Crush sodas, and IBC have been reformulated to include real sugar. In their press release, Kevin Brandvold, Director of Marketing at DPS, stated, “...this reformulation will give us a new option for retailers who want to offer premium products sweetened with real sugar.”

We agree it has been a long time coming for these beverages to finally make the switch from HFCS but we are glad they made it. You can easily taste the...

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How To Make Great Coffee in a French Press Coffee Maker?

Making coffee with a French Press is not only easy, but will produce a cup coffee that is far superior to any k-cup machine. If you were not aware of it then give it a try for yourself using fresh ground coffee such as SOZO Coffee Roasters.

The tools are basic and the process is simple.

Getting started:

  • French Press Coffee Maker
  • Fresh Ground Coffee
  • Grinder (unless beans are already ground)
  • Hot Water
  • Timer (can use iPhone)

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We Love Root Beer Video!

We love root beers at BeveragesDirect so we thought we would make this cute, little video.  Have you tried our Ultimate Root Beer Sampler?  Great way to taste root beers from around the country. You can see from the reviews it makes for a fantastic gift.  Cheers!

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What Makes a Soda Kosher?

Have you ever wondered what makes a bottled or canned soda kosher? Many food products that conform to the set of Jewish dietary laws known as kashrut (also kashrus or kashruth), are certified as kosher by any one of hundreds of agencies and individual Orthodox rabbis worldwide. When you buy kosher sodas, such as a Dr. Brown’s soda, you might have seen the letter “U” encircled by the letter “O” on packaging, which is the symbol of kosher certification from the Orthodox Union, one of the largest and...

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Spring Grove Sodas Featured On Finding Minnesota

Have you ever watched Finding Minnesota?  Well just in case you missed the most recent report on WCCO 4 News Weekends we have it here.  John Lauritsen reports on Spring Grove Sodas located, where else, in Spring Grove, MN.  Give it a view and learn about the history of Spring Grove Sodas and even take in some exciting footage of a bottling plant in operation.

Ready to order some Spring Grove Sodas?  Spring Grove Soda Collection

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