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We Love Root Beer Video!

We love root beers at BeveragesDirect so we thought we would make this cute, little video.  Have you tried our Ultimate Root Beer Sampler?  Great way to taste root beers from around the country. You can see from the reviews it makes for a fantastic gift.  Cheers!

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What Makes a Soda Kosher?

Have you ever wondered what makes a bottled or canned soda kosher? Many food products that conform to the set of Jewish dietary laws known as kashrut (also kashrus or kashruth), are certified as kosher by any one of hundreds of agencies and individual Orthodox rabbis worldwide. When you buy kosher sodas, such as a Dr. Brown’s soda, you might have seen the letter “U” encircled by the letter “O” on packaging, which is the symbol of kosher certification from the Orthodox Union, one of the largest and...

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Spring Grove Sodas Featured On Finding Minnesota

Have you ever watched Finding Minnesota?  Well just in case you missed the most recent report on WCCO 4 News Weekends we have it here.  John Lauritsen reports on Spring Grove Sodas located, where else, in Spring Grove, MN.  Give it a view and learn about the history of Spring Grove Sodas and even take in some exciting footage of a bottling plant in operation.

Ready to order some Spring Grove Sodas?  Spring Grove Soda Collection

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Cool Mountain Gets Crafty With Some New Flavors

Cool Mountain Beverages is a craft soda maker based in the midwest.  For years they have been offering consumers a wide range of interesting flavors with pure can sugar.  Currently Cool Mountain markets - Green Apple, Strawberry, Black Cherry, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Orange Cream and Blue Razzberry. Recently they launched two new exciting flavors…California Peach and Royal Grape.

Bill Daker President states “We have spent the past 19 years researching historical recipes and flavor providers, developing the perfect blend for each...

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What is the Difference Between Ginger Ale and Ginger Beer?

There are two amazing types of ginger sodas in this world, ginger ale and ginger beer. While at first glance they may seem the same beverage, ginger flavored soft drinks, they are actually two distinct beverages each with a unique heritage that have resulted in similar but different ancillary uses.

Ginger ale actually comes in two types, golden ginger ale, which is very uncommon, and dry ginger ale, like Vernor’s Ginger Soda or Canada Dry, which is what most people think of and expect when they want a ginger...

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