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Do Sodas in Glass Bottles Taste Better?

Ask any soda aficionado (myself included) how they prefer to have their sodas packaged and they’ll answer the same way “in glass bottles.” Many of them won’t have their soda any other way. Why you may ask? It’s not like we have some hidden agenda against aluminum and refined petroleum products (though the glass lobby does pay well I hear). There are actually several reasons why glass is the superior packaging method.

1. Nostalgia
Remember the ‘50s and ‘60s (your parents definitely do and if they don’t their parents do) how pretty much the only way to get...

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It's Alive!

Welcome to our relaunch!  Although we have been "Proudly Serving Our Customers Since 1997" we have not made such an overall improvement to our site and services as we did today.  We have worked hard on this project for quite some time and hopefully our customers have already appreciated some the new and exciting features.  While we may not have all the kinks worked out just yet we know you are having a better overall shopping experience.

In the upcoming weeks we will highlight some of the new and exciting features of our site, as well as, the usual content you...

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