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Ever since 1920's, Yoo-Hoo has been a well known beverage brand, run by the Olivieri family in New Jersey. The chocolate flavored drink came as an experiment made by Mr. Olivieri, who aimed to make a chocolate drink that will not easily spoil. Yoo-hoo chocolate drink became extremely successful over the years. Currently, Yoo-hoo is owned by Cadbury Shweppes who has managed to expand its product line.

Yoo-hoo drinks satisfy your craving for chocolates. For more than 80 years this classic chocolate goodness of Yoo-hoo has been widely enjoyed by people of all ages. It ‘s 99 percent fat and caffeine free and is loaded with seven vitamins and minerals.

Yoo-hoo is available in classic Chocolate Yoo-hoo, 6.6 ounce Yoo-Hoo Drink box, Lite Chocolate Yoo-hoo with only 70 calories per bottle and Double Fudge Yoo-hoo that contains an extra dose of the classic Yoo-hoo chocolate to really satisfy your chocolate craving. Yoo-hoo also comes in Strawberry flavor for those who wants some fruity berries flavors on their drink.