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YJ Stinger Energy Drink Can
Feel the Sting of YJ Stinger Energy Drink.

Manufactured by NVE Pharmaceuticals Stacker 2 brand, a leading producer of herbal supplements that gives extra energy by burning fat is considered "The World's Strongest Fat Burner". YJ Stinger is a lightly carbonated energy drink that refreshes your thirst and provides that piercing sting of buzzing energy you need.

Available in 4 flavors: Enraged Raspberry, Sinful Citrus, Chronic Cola and Pounding Punch. YJ Stinger is fully packed with Taurine, B-stack vitamins, caffeine, guarana, ginseng and yebra matte to improve your performance, provide extra energy and enhance your concentration.

Each 8.4 oz can contain 100 calories, 34g of Carb and 32g of sugar. But for those calorie conscious yet still needs that help on having extra energy boost, YJ Stinger also has Enraged Raspberry Sugar-Free and Chronic Cola Sugar-Free versions.

Stacker 2 YJ Stinger Extreme Energy Drink, Chronic Cola 8.4 fl oz (250 ml)