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OGO Water Bottle
Get more energy, feel healthier and get more out of life with OGO Oxygen water.

Oxygen is the most essential factor in life since it is needed by every cell of our body, which is why OGO came up with water that has 35 times more oxygen than regular water. By squeezing in 200mg of oxygen in every litre, OGO aims to deliver a healthy, energized and refreshing feeling from your very first sip of this breathing water.

Bottled in a very simple yet futuristic looking 33cl bottle, OGO shows that it is the water of the future. OGO is water that will rejuvenate you after a tiring and stressful day. It offers a refreshing feeling that you can feel deep inside, a true life force in a bottle.

Using water from a natural spring source in Tilburg, Netherland, it undergoes a patented natural oxygenation process to be able to come up with water that has high level of oxygen concentration and stability. The result of this process is the exquisitely smooth and refreshing, OGO Oxygen Water.

OGO Water comes in three varieties OGO Still Oxygenwater, OGO Sparkling Oxygenwater and the non-alcoholic cocktail OGO Flower Power, a mix of OGO Oxygenwater and some lychee and elderflower flavor.