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In 2001, Joint Juice the original ready-to-drink glucosamine supplement was created by Joint Juice Inc. Developed by renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kevin Stone, at the Stone Clinic in San Francisco which specializes in rehabilitation and advance techniques in orthopedics, Joint Juice was created to hydrate your joints.

Joint Juice is a ready-to-drink beverage that contains a substance called glucosamine as a main ingredient. Glucosamine is proven to help in cushioning the joints and 1500 mg of it a day is recommended by researchers to give a full daily supply in aiding and maintaining hydration and lubrication in joints to improve its function. Joint Juice uses 1500 mg of vegetable based glucosamine HCl in each of its products to be able to deliver its promise of aiding ones joint functions.

Joint Juice is natural juice based drink and is available in 8oz cans and comes in two flavors, Tropical Fruit and Tangerine Orange. Each 8oz can contain 30 calories and uses Splenda sweeteners to keep it low in sugar and calories.

Another Joint Juice product available is Joint Juice Fitness that contains the same amount of glucosamine but is a vitamin enhanced water that contains 10 calories each 16.9 oz bottle.

Joint Juice with 1500 mg of Glucosamine per can - 24 x 8 oz. cans (Tropical Fruit Flavor)