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Venom Energy is produced by Dr, Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. and will give you an intense energy rush that will fuel your active lifestyle in an exciting great tasting citrus flavored drink.

Packaged in thick aluminium cans, that just shows tough energy. Venom Energy comes in regular and low-carb versions. The regular energy drink named Black Mamba contains 120 calories per serving and packaged in red cans. The low-carb version called Mojave Ratter, in violet cans, contains only 25 calories per serving and only 4g of carbohydrates.

Both versions of this drink contain 80mg of caffeine per serving, which will guarantee the lift in energy and alertness that you will get. Aside from that it also contains ginseng, l-carnitine, taurine, guarana, inositol and B vitamins.

Venom Energy drinks will give you an "instant bite"!

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