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Since 1998, BooKoo Beverages Inc. has introduced several energy drinks that give bursts of intense energy without giving you that shaky or jittery after feel to the market. That same principle is still present when they introduced BooKoo Energy drinks in 2004.

With a distinct range of flavors, BooKoo Energy drinks offers great tasting beverages that will give you that great kick of energy to fuel your body. Available in Bite, Wild Berry, Zero Carb Wild Berry, Jugo, Citrus and Punch, there's always a refreshing flavor to choose from, and all these will give you that intense blast of energy.

BooKoo Beverages is the first one to market a 5.75 oz. shot of energy drink, that is why BooKoo energy drinks also offers that same size for their Wild Berry and Citrus flavors. These shots contain twice the power of one serving of a regular energy drink. Other sizes available are 16 oz. for all flavors and the big three serving size 24 oz. cans for Citrus, Wild Berry and Bite flavors.

Bookoo Bite, 16-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)