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Thirsty For Choice® Bucks

What is the Thirsty For Choice® Bucks Program?

Thirsty For Choice Bucks Program is a loyalty program that rewards our most loyal and ardent Beverages Direct supporters. You earn Thirsty For Choice Bucks each time you buy a product from BeveragesDirect.com.

How do I accumulate Thirsty For Choice Bucks?

It's easy! First, start your account by creating a personalized password during checkout. After that every purchase you make at www.BeveragesDirect.com accumulates Thirsty For Choice Bucks. You will earn 2% for every qualifying purchase. Thirsty For Choice Bucks are generated off the final order total less any shipping fees or coupons and other Thirsty For Choice Bucks. There are no restrictions and they can be used anytime, on any product, and in conjunction with other coupons or other offers.

Where can I see my Thirsty For Choice® Bucks?

Your Thirsty For Choice Bucks status can be viewed by visiting your “Account” page. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and view the Thirsty For Choice Bucks section. This is a live-updating section that will feature the latest information about your personal Thirsty For Choice Bucks account.

Spira® Account Page

What information is available on the Account page?

Your account page will include your total Thirsty For Choice Bucks earnings and credits and the total Thirsty For Choice Bucks you have available toward a purchase. Thirsty For Choice Bucks are not credited on items like shipping, coupons, or other Thirsty For Choice Bucks. Thirsty For Choice Bucks for returned and exchanged merchandise is updated manually and not fully represented through the information listed under the Thirsty For Choice Bucks header of the Account page.

How do I use my Thirsty For Choice Bucks?

You may use your Thirsty For Choice Bucks during checkout by clicking on the “Apply” button of the Thirsty For Choice Bucks section during checkout. When you apply your Thirsty For Choice Bucks, all accumulated points up to the purchase price of the products in your cart will be utilized. There is no partial redemption of Thirsty For Choice Bucks, and no credit or cash will be given back for unused Thirsty For Choice Bucks.

Using your Thirsty Choice Bucks;